The Cast Of Round The Twist Is Keen On A Reunion Movie But No One Can Find Bronson’s Brother

Have you ever, ever felt like there should be a Round The Twist movie? Turns out a former cast-member hoped to make it happen, only to learn the fabled kid’s show is “bloody priceless.”

Yep, the creators reportedly held onto their rights, because the show was simply too perfect, and they couldn’t possibly risk the movie missing the mark.

Mathew Waters, who played young gun Bronson Twist on the legendary show, today explained to The Babble podcast why his vision never came to life.

“A few years ago I had some pretty thick notes put together for a film, for a Round The Twist film, where kind of brought all of the original or I guess MY original cast back,” Waters said on the podcast.

“We had to all of this great stuff and then when we have reached out to try and get it, they’re just so tight with the rights. Ya know, they’re holding on to them ’cause it is, you can’t, it’s priceless, you can’t sell it, ” he said.

For a quick round (the twist) trip down memory lane, Bronson Twist was the youngest of the Twist family, and was the one who swallowed a rare fish – the one which gave him a ‘propeller’ to swim quickly through the water.

Here’s where it gets more confusing. There were three actors who played Bronson Twist: Rodney McLennan, Jeffrey Walker and Mathew Waters. Mathew Waters was the final form Bronson Twist. It’s all very confusing, especially for me because I distinctly remember having a crush on one of them, but now I don’t know which one it actually was.

There were also two versions of Round The Twist. The 1990 Paul Jennings version and the 2000s reboot, which is why there were so many Bronson’s. Not enough, I say.

It’s coming up to the 20 years since s4 ended, prompting Matty J to ask Waters, if there was a plan for a reunion in the works.

“Well you know we could Zoom, we’re doing Zoom right now. No, but like, Rian McLean (Peter Twist) has vanished off the face of the earth no one can find him.”

Ugh well there goes the chance for a reunion. Pete wherever you are, come back. Australia needs you.