Ron Howard Gave ‘Star Wars’ The ‘Arrested Development’ Narration It Deserves

Dysfunctional family drama, power struggles, strange characters with cobalt blue skin, weird incestuous sub-plots. Really, the only core difference between Star Wars and Arrested Development is that the latter didn’t have any space ships and the former never had Ron Howard providing narration.

Consider that last one well and truly fixed though, thanks to a new video released by the good Star Wars team in which Howard runs A New Hope through the classic Arrested Development-style intro and story narration.

You’ll be surprised how good and easily the whole thing translates, particularly given that its been stitched together in a world that’s aware of the prequels and how much those films wind up stepping on the original trilogy’s toes.

Bonus points go to the hilarious insertion of the diving for home photos whenever Luke tries to shoot his inbred shot on Leia.

A New Hope/A Nu Start. The more you think about it, the more it makes a weird amount of sense. And to that end, we’re gonna need one of these videos for every film in the saga as soon as humanly possible, please and thank you.

Check your lease, man. Because you’re living in Cloud City.