10 Years On, Robert Pattinson Says ‘Twilight’ Convinced Him To Pursue Acting

First: yes, it has been almost ten years since the original Twilight movie came out in November 2008. Don’t we all feel old now?

Enough self-pity/where did all the time go, it’s time for deets:

Earlier this week on the red carpet for the LA premiere of his new film Damsel – a Sundance comedy-western also starring Aussie Mia WasikowskaRobert Pattinson i.e. Edward Cullen was stopped on the red carpet by E! News to talk Twilight.

He was asked about his fondest memory from that time in his life, and he answered, “the whole thing“.

That first movie was great. It was really, really fun. It was a massive turning point in my life. I had an entirely different life afterwards. I still wasn’t entirely sure I was going to be an actor until after that movie so I’ll always appreciate it.

There you have it – whether or not you were a Twilight stan at the time or not, without the glittery vampire movie, we might not have later seen him in Life or The Rover or Good Time. But we still would’ve had Cedric Diggory.

He was also asked about the most romantic thing he’s ever done, and R Patz, who split with his then-fiancée FKA twigs late last year, got very flustered trying to find an answer to that one: “If I said it, they’d be like ‘Ugh, that’s lame.’

He’s been spotted a few times earlier this year hanging out with his on- and off-screen lover, Kristen Stewart, another serendipitous result of the Twilight franchise. Imagine if they were in another movie together? It’d be 2008 all over again. We’d all still be in high school trying to figure out our senior year subjects, and figuring out how to navigate our early relationships Heady days, heady days.