Ricky Gervais Is Rattling Off Edgy 2020 Oscars Jokes Despite Not Being Asked To Host

Comedian Ricky Gervais has rattled some très edgy zingers before The Oscars, in the off chance the Academy decides to hire him before the host-free ceremony kicks off.

Taking to Twitter, a fan asked the serial Golden Globes host what he’d say if given the chance to address Hollywood’s most significant awards night.

Gervais’ response was true to form: aggression towards the folks in his imagined audience, complete with references to high-profile sexual assault allegations and the rife underpayment of housekeeping staff.

While Gervais has not been called up to improv his way through today’s ceremony, he has previously expressed his burning desire to roast Hollywood’s most influential folks.

Speaking to the Press Association in 2016, the year Chris Rock handled duties, Gervais said “I would do it but I would never get it.”

I would want to do it like I did the Globes but they would never let me. If they did I would do it and take all the flak, it would be carnage. Even the Golden Globes, which is the next one down, no disrespect, I’ve never had column inches like it.

Gervais has hosted a record five Golden Globes awards, titillating the famous faces in front of him and cementing himself as the entertainment industry’s preferred mode of self-flagellation.

If he finds himself compelled to live-tweet the whole ceremony, we’ll let you know.