Christ Almighty, ‘Rick And Morty’ Has Been Renewed For 70 More Episodes

After months of rabid fan speculation, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have confirmed their animated problem child Rick and Morty has been renewed by Adult Swim for 70 more episodes.

Yes. Seventy.

Speaking to GQ about the deal, Harmon said he’s “ecstatic” the network has locked in the deal, which assures your favourite alcoholic egomaniac and his diminutive grandson will be sliding between dimensions for years to come.

“I love everything I make—and hate it, I guess—but I have a very special relationship with Rick and Morty, and getting a 70-episode pickup means that I can actually really focus on it, and loving it won’t be taking away from anything else,” Harmon said.

“I can let Rick and Morty take away from everything.”

Considering the deal essentially assures seven more seasons of the show and another decade of intergalactic weirdness, Harmon seems right to say the show can take away from everything.

“I mean, 70 episodes is a lot of Rick and Morty to focus on,” Harmon said. “At the end of doing that, I’m not gonna feel like ‘oh, damn it, I should have been focusing on my landscaping business.’”

Harmon and Roiland had been the subject of near-constant questions from fans about the future of Rick and Morty since the Season 3 finale, and Harmon became particularly well-acquainted with side-stepping their thirst.

“From now on, the reason that I’m not writing the show will be because I’m done writing it for the day and I’m having fun,” Harmon said.

There’s no set date for Season 4, but at least we now know it’s absolutely on the way.