‘Bodyguard’ Star Richard Madden Responds To Rumours He’s Our Next James Bond

Richard Madden

RIGHTO, so back in October there were a couple of ~rumours~ going around that Richard Madden was tipped to be our next James Bond. Sure, it makes sense given his recent stint in Bodyguard but according to the man himself, he’s not too fussed by all the chatter.

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The face of GQ’s most recent cover story, Madden literally groaned at being “forced to talk about speculation”. Upon hearing the rumours, the actor told the publication he believes they were just made up to sell some papers.

“The papers make up a story on a Sunday so they can discredit that story on the Monday so they can sell papers on both days.”

“This is what happened with all of these shows, like Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager,” he continued. “Then there’s the next one. I’m the next one. Everyone just loves the rumour mill on that topic. I’m just the current one. There’ll be a different one next week.” 

Hiddleston’s role in the crime drama, The Night Manager, all but propelled him into the possible-James-Bond-rumour-chatter. As did Idris Elba‘s role in Luther and so on and so forth. Chuck in Tom Hardy, too.

Despite this, Madden – a fan of the franchise – told GQ that he is “more than flattered to be mentioned.” 

“I’m very flattered and thankful. It’s a really brilliant thing to be in,” he said.

And, if Madden ever gets approached with the role? Well…

“I don’t want to curse anything by saying anything. I think that’s the curse of that. If you talk about it, you’ll curse it.”


While we wait for our next Bond to be locked in, you can catch Madden in Bodyguard on Netflix. 

In the series, the 32-year-old stars as veteran turned police sergeant/bodyguard David Budd who is downright intimidating. He serves Home Secretary Julia Montague, played by Keeley Hawes – a pollie in the middle of an intense terrorist threat.