Bloody legend Awkwafina has had one hell of a ripper year. There was that ginormous romcom Crazy Rich Asians and Ocean’s 8. Then, she became the second Asian-American woman ever to host Saturday Night Live. 

Now, the actor has been given her very own series on Comedy Central – the telly channel home to the biggest names and shows in the business. Think Bojack Horseman, Amy Schumer, and John Oliver to name a few.

The self-titled series, Awkwafina, will have ten half-hour episodes.

As Comedy Central announced, the series was co-created by Awkwafina, SMILF‘s Karey Dornetto and Family Guy‘s Teresa Hsiao and will be loosely based on the actor’s life.

In the series, Awkwafina will play a twenty-something-year-old “striving for a larger-than-life existence”. She lives in Queens with her dad, played by BD Wong and grandmother, Lori Tan Chinn – fabulous being from Orange Is The New Black. 

You will no doubt recognise Wong from a string of television appearances and film roles including the Jurassic Park series, Mr. Robot, and most importantly Mulan – yes, Wong voiced the Li Shang. 

Bowen Yang will star as Awkwafina’s more successful cousin.

“I’ve been watching Comedy Central since I was old enough to hold a remote, and so many of their shows have defined who I am today,” Awkwafina said to Comedy Central. “I am so honoured to be given their platform to tell the story of an Asian American girl against the backdrop of the city I was raised.”

Back in October, the star dedicated her SNL monologue to Lucy Liu who, in 2000, became the first-ever Asian-American woman to take to the iconic stage.

“Before we start I just want to say – and this is a true story – back in 2000 I came here to 30 Rock and waited outside when my idol Lucy Liu hosted ‘SNL’. I was a kid and I didn’t  have a ticket so I knew I wasn’t getting in but I just wanted to be near the building. And I remember how important that episode was for me and how it totally changed how I thought was possible for an Asian-American woman. 

“Standing here tonight is a dream I never thought would come true. So thank you, Lucy for opening the door. I wasn’t able to make it into the building back then but 18 years later I am hosting the show.

“I love you Lucy Liu, be my friend!”

Source: Comedy Central
Image: Getty Images / Paras Griffin