This Retail Worker Narrating Her Encounter With Lana Del Rey Via Store Footage Is Everything

Chance encounters with idols are very rare, let alone having CCTV footage to capture said chance enouncter, but this American retail worker has well and truly beat the odds. She’s gone viral for narrating her surprise meeting with Lana Del Rey via store footage, after Ms Del Rey herself entered the shop, nonchalantly browsed the shop’s items and strolled on up to the counter. Ughh, this rejuvenated my lust for life.

The worker talks us through the now-iconic sequence of events in full play-by-play mode, as she admits that, initially, she had no idea “the Lord was right in front of” her –  she even walks past Ms Norman Fucking Rockwell multiple times, failing to clock the queen. The footage then shows Lana walking up to the counter, and the worker staring at her, freezing, dropping the bags she’s holding, momentarily malfunctioning, malfunctioning some more and then asking for a hug. “I’m freaking out,” she narrates, at this point. “I’m trying to be so cool. I’m a little shrimp. She’s perfect.”

The footage, which was shared by Twitter user @ivorycricket, has amassed over 130k likes and 1.5 million views in just over a day. Peep it below.

My favourite part of the video has to be the co-worker with no idea who Lana Del Rey is, and subsequently not giving the slightest fuck.

We all have a friend like this. We love a relatable, oblivious queen.

Anyway, I now hope to have a chance encounter with Lana Del Rey, too. Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Man Like Me to Have – but I Have It.