Real Life Borat Invades America Ferrera’s Dress At Cannes

Here’s a cool story: a Ukrainian “prankster journalist” (what) has tried to climb under actress America Ferrera‘s dress at the premiere of How To Train Your Dragon 2. It’s cool three times: firstly because it is definitely not creepy to invade a woman’s personal space if you’re a “prankster journalist”; secondly because the movie Borat just came out so eastern European men pulling outrageous pranks on female celebrities is a very fresh concept; and thirdly because I don’t think there’s anything else happening in Ukraine worth reporting on at the moment anyway. Triple cool rating! Borat voice very nice!
Ferrera was posing for a photo with Our Cate, Beninese actor Djimon Hounsou and Jon Snow when Vitalii Sediuk rushed the red carpet and tried to slip under her dress. Did Jon Snow know anything? No, he did not.
She was reportedly unhurt but shaken up by the incident.
Sediuk has a reputation as a serial prankster at red carpet events; he’s previously tried to kiss Will Smith, rushed the stage during Adele‘s acceptance speech at the Grammys and hugged Bradley Cooper‘s crotch. How do you hug a crotch, you ask? Like this:

Images via Ethan Miller, Andreas Rentz & Pascal Le Segretain for Getty Images Entertainment