A Real Housewives Star Vommed At An Event And Was Escorted Out & We’ve All Been There, Doll

Who among us hasn’t downed one too many bevs and chucked up at an event? It’s a rite of passage, really. Everyone’s got a story that haunts them forever. Lucky for us normal folk, it only haunts us by way of our mates mocking us mercilessly for years to come as a crude dinner party anecdote. But for this Real Housewives star, her public chundering has become global news.

The embarro blunder went down at the launch party for the revamped season of The Real Housewives of New York (AKA RHONY).

Shocked onlookers told Page Six that one of the new Housewives, fashion publicist Jessel Taank, became “ill” and threw up “all over” the swish Rainbow Room.

“She did it right on the carpet,” one source told the publication, adding that she vommed “another time, too.”

Two other sources told the site that they saw her sneak over to a private toot and vom into the sink. It’s giving Bridesmaids.

“She looked very pale and wasn’t smiling or interacting with a lot of people,” one source said.

“At one point, she sat at a table by herself to catch her breath for a bit, and people pretty much left her alone.”

As evidenced by the multitude of sources who gave eyewitness accounts to Page Six, her vomming didn’t go unnoticed and she was subsequently escorted out of the event with her belongings placed into bags.

But the humiliation didn’t end there.

The publication added that she couldn’t make it to the exit without throwing up again.

“She was holding her stomach and had her hand over her mouth,” the source said.

“She then stopped and puked at the top of the stairs… It seemed to be just liquid and was absorbed into the carpet pretty quickly.”

Apparently Bravo’s PR peeps had to direct attendees “around the stained area.” Gross.

Multiple sources have insisted that it was not booze-related and she was genuinely ill.

“She had flown in from Greece the night before and was running on no sleep,” a source close to the reality star said.

“Absolutely no alcohol was involved. It really could’ve been lack of sleep.”

Loads of folks have called BS on these claims and have accused her of downing one too many bevs.

“I wish I was drunk!! Unfortunately just a stomach bug guys,” she wrote on Insta, adding, “nothing to see here.”

Regardless of what caused the vomming, the fact that she created an absolute scene at an event makes her the ideal Real Housewife.

The revamped season of The Real Housewives of New York lands on Hayu on July 17. Can’t bloody wait!