Poor Rami Malek Fell The Fuck Off The Stage At The Oscars & Ambos Were Called

Rami Malek Fall

It was a huge Oscars night for Rami Malek, who capped off his dream run of winning every award known to man by taking home the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in Bohemian Rhapsody, in which he played Freddie Mercury, a man known for seriously working the stage as the frontman of Queen.

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But it turns out Rami may have showed off similar moves on-screen, but IRL he’s as unco as the rest of us and actually fell the fuck off the stage after he won his gong.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the 37-year-old took a stack off the stage after the show was finished, and was photographed being helped off the ground. The outlet says that he “did his best to hold on his Best Actor statue aloft”, because the man still has priorities, okay?

Paramedics were also called to the scene to check on the newly-minted Academy Award Winner, but the extent of his injuries aren’t known.

Paramedics treating Rami after his tumble. Credit: Getty / Kevin Winter

I adore this because Rami also embarrassed the hell out of himself at this year’s Golden Globes after trying and failing to get Nicole Kidman’s attention on stage, but that happened on TV while his stage fall, mercifully, did not. It’s just so relatable to me that Rami just cannot get it together at very public events.

Sending Rami healing thoughts, and hoping there’s a nice golden throne at the afterparty for him to rest, ice and elevate on.

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