Quinta Brunson’s Co-Star Slams Jimmy Kimmel For His Gross ‘Disrespect’ At The 2022 Emmys

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Alleged comedian Jimmy Kimmel is facing some much-deserved backlash for laying on the floor during Quinta Brunson‘s very first Emmy award. There’s a time and a place for foolishness, and it definitely isn’t during someone’s big moment. White nonsense at its finest.

In case you missed it, Jimmy Kimmel over-committed to the “bit” when he laid on the Emmy’s stage while Quinta Brunson accepted the Outstanding Writer for a Comedy Series award for her hilarious work on Abbott Elementary.

Brunson was made to step over Kimmel (who was pretending to be “too drunk” to host) and at one point even ushered him to get up. However, he decided to keep up the “joke”.

You can watch the moment below:

Kimmel’s antics were disrespectful for multiple reasons, and completely distracted from Brunson’s huge moment. Can we not just celebrate the wins of Black women in the industry in peace? Why does an entitled white man need to turn the moment into a joke?

It’s giving white privilege. It’s giving stand the FUCK up. The joke should have wrapped up as soon as Brunson reached the stage.

Brunson’s Abbott Elementary co-star Sheryl Lee Ralph slammed the moment during a Television Critics Association press tour panel.

“I was absolutely confused. I didn’t know what was going on. But I was like, ‘I wish that man would just get up off the ground!’” the now-Emmy award winner said.

“And then I realised it was Jimmy Kimmel. And then I was like: ‘Ooh, the disrespect, Jimmy!’

“But that’s just me.”

She also revealed she told Kimmel that the moment was disrespectful to his face and “he understood”.

After the drama, Brunson told reporters at the Emmys that because she knows Kimmel, the bit “didn’t bother [her]”.

“Honestly, Jimmy gave me my first big late-night spot, he was one of the first people to see Abbott Elementary. He was the first person to message me on Instagram,” she said.

“He was so excited it was going to be on ABC. I was happy it was Jimmy. He’s one of the comedy godfathers. Tomorrow maybe I’ll be mad at him.”

Brunson’s comments have sparked further discussion about how Black women are forever expected to be gracious, warm and welcoming of all things thrown their way.

Really, what else is Brunson supposed to say? If she called out Kimmel, who is (unfortunately) a man in a great position of power, could you imagine the backlash she’d receive? She quite literally has no choice but to accept his jokes as they come, and it’s heartbreaking that this is the reality.

No matter how close the two are, there should have been a moment in which Kimmel honoured Brunson’s win by getting up and showing her some respect.

Jimmy Kimmel get off the fucking ground and get out of the room challenge. You’re showing your immense amount of privilege.

Brunson shouldn’t have to talk at length about her feelings regarding a man’s stunt! This is her moment!!! Let her have it!!!! Show some respect!!!!!!!