The theory that Quentin Tarantino’s films occupy a single, cohesive, endlessly bloody universe has been bandied around for a hot minute now. And why wouldn’t it, when the director is so keen on dropping allusions in the entirety of his catalogue?

Get around this, for example:

Quentin Tarantino Totally Just Confirmed His Films Are All Connected

And that’s just the tip of it. 

He’d alluded to small connections between characters before, but on The Project tonight, sat alongside The Hateful 8 stars Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson, Tarantino told Waleed Aly the singular universe theory “isn’t 100% correct.”

There are two of them.

“There’s a realer than real universe, alright, that all the characters inhabit,” he says, before adding the next layer: the “Movie Universe.”

“So basically when the characters of Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, when they go to the movies… Kill Bill is what they go see. From Dusk Til Dawn is what they go see.”

Cue gasps of admiration from the panel, who’d just bore witness to a director weaving stories from Los Angeles in the 90’s, Berlin in World War II, and the Deep South before the Civil War into a continuous narrative over a thirty-year career. 

That watch in Pulp Fiction definitely has a long history, spanning back to Django Unchained. Vincent & Vic Vega are indeed brothers. Sgt. Donnie Donowitz from Inglorious Basterds is the grand-daddy of True Romance’s Lee Donowitz.  Big Kahuna burgers and Red Apple cigarettes, of course, package the whole thing up with a neat little bow. 

We’ll leave it up to you to absorb the masses of links assembled by Tarantino’s faithful followers. We will say this, though:

Bravo, you magnificent bastard. 

Source: Channel 10.
Photo: Twitter.