WATCH: Tarantino & Jackson Surprise The Hell Out Of A Sydney Audience

Over the weekend, Quentin Tarantino surprised the hell out of several hundred fans by showing up, unannounced, at a Sydney screening of The Hateful Eight, then took things up several dozen more notches by introducing his “little friend” Samuel L. Jackson.
The unexpected appearance at the Ritz Cinema in Randwick, in front of a packed house of 500, came about after owner Antoinette Katehos met the director – a champion of 70mm film – out at drinks the night before. 
She told News Corp:
“I went up to Quentin and introduced myself. I told him I was playing the 70mm version of his film [The Hateful Eight] at my theatre and he said he would love to come out on Saturday night during the screening.”

“I thought he was just being nice, then at 2pm on Saturday I received a call from Roadshow Films telling me Quentin wanted to visit the Ritz. We had to keep it quiet, and only revealed on our social media that a ‘special guest’ was going to attend the screening.”
Before the film started, Jackson asked the audience “can everymotherfucker turn their phones off?” He left before the movie started, but Tarantino stuck around for the whole thing, shaking hands with fans and eating popcorn during intermission. 
Tarantino, Jackson and Kurt Russell arrived in Australia for the Hateful Eight premiere last week, and have since done a number of unscheduled appearances. Watch them at The Ritz below:
Story: News Corp
Photo: Brendon Thorne / Getty