Quentin Tarantino Accepts Award Looking Pissed As A Fart, Drops “Ghetto”

You know what? OF COURSE Quentin Tarantino would rock up to the Golden Globes pissed as a fart.

Except, because he’s Quentin Tarantino, who the fuck actually knows. Maybe he wasn’t wasted. Maybe he was just being himself. Maybe himself always plays award ceremony games with himself and a bottle of Jack. WE MAY NEVER KNOW WITH THE MYSTERIOUS QUENT.

So, yeah, old mate Quents just accepted the award for best Best Original Score (The Hateful Eight) on behalf of composer Ennio Morricone, and he was in another world.

Citizens of the internet have reacted in exactly the matter you would expect for people bleeding on their keyboards with one hand and packing cones with the other. These are the nice tweets:


There’s a series of much, much less nice ones for the fact that, yes, he DID describe composers that weren’t old dead white guys as “ghetto”:

Jamie Foxx called him out on it with just one word.

Think pieces coming in 3… 2…

Photo: Handout / Getty.