The Earnings Of Queer Eye’s Fab 5 Were Revealed & I Honestly Thought JVN Would Be Higher

queer eye salary reveal net worth cast

The net worth of all five Queer Eye members has been revealed and shockingly, two of the gorgeous gays are much richer than all the others. This just further proves my theory that some members branch off and make extra dosh because they’re super talented and others are Antoni Porowski.

These spicy new stats come from Celebrity Net Worth, a site that keeps track of how much every celeb is probably worth given all of their sources of income. So take it all with a grain of salt. A very expensive grain of salt.

Anyone who’s watched Queer Eye probably won’t be surprised at who makes the most bank, so let’s get into it, starting with the lowest earners.

Antoni Porowski – $8 Million

With his stint on Queer Eye, two cookbooks and a new dog food brand with co-star Jonathan Van Ness called “Yummers”, Antoni winds up with a net worth of about US$8 million (AUD$12 million).

I guess it pays to stand there and look pretty.

antoni porowski
One simply cannot deny the vanilla sex appeal, though. (Source: Instagram @antoni).

Jonathan Van Ness – $8 Million

It kinda shook me to my core that Jonathan, who I feel has had a bigger post-Queer Eye career than their peers, has a similar net worth to Antoni.

JVN makes their dosh through touring appearances, show appearances, their haircare brand “JVN Hair” and continuing to be a ray of sunshine in everyone’s life. Oh, and the dog food brand with Antoni, I guess.

We forever stan.

jonathan van ness queer eye net worth
that’s mother right there. (Source: Instagram @jvn).

Tan France – $8 Million

With a luxury women’s clothing line called Kingdom & Slate (which has been around since 2011) and appearances all over the fashion world including a hosting gig on Next In Fashion, Tan France sits happily at $8 million with his peers.

Personally, I believe Tan is the dreamboat of the Queer Eye cast, but to each their own.

tan france
the only reason I ever wanted to dye my hair silver… (Source: Instagram @tanfrance).

Karamo Brown – $9 Million

Since launching his 2022 Dr. Phil-adjacent talk-show Karamo, Karamo Brown has created two sources of income for himself (including Queer Eye) out of his unique brand of helpful advice.

But who needs money when you’ve mastered the art of dealing with trauma?

karamo brown
eiffel tower? who said that??? (Source: Instagram @karamo).

Bobby Berk – $10 Million

And the most successful of the lot (unsurprisingly) is Bobby Berk. You know, the one who is renovating an entire house in a short period of time while Antoni cooks pasta with broccoli and Jonathan shaves their beard?

Beyond Queer Eye, Bobby is a very successful home designer with furniture collections for sale, home decor books and an entire website that’ll make your living room look like a Hog’s Breath Cafe after a 12-hour shift.

bobby berk
I would kill to have a home like Bobby’s (Source: Instagram @bobby).