‘Project Runway’ Star Who Sassed Karlie Kloss Over Kushners Addresses Aftermath Of Remark

A Project Runway contestant who locked horns with Karlie Kloss in a recent ep before being eliminated has addressed his viral comment.

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ICYMI: The contestants were tasked with designing an outfit that Kloss could wear to a fashion event in Paris using only clothes they had purchased from Goodwill.

As the judges critiqued the completed looks, designer Brandon Maxwell told contestant Tyler Neasloney that he couldn’t see Kloss wearing the 29-year-old’s outfit “anywhere.”

“Not even to dinner with the Kushners?” Neasloney replied, pointing out Kloss’ connection to the Kushner fam and the Trumps.

Kloss is married to venture capitalist Josh Kushner, whose brother Jared is married toIvanka Trump. Jared currently works as a senior adviser to Donald Trump in the White House.


Speaking on the controversial exchange, Tyler expressed his desire to stay on good terms with Kloss.

“I’m not a nasty person. I thought we were on a friendly enough playing field. So Karlie, at the end of the day, she’s human, so I don’t want her to just hate me or feel awful about what I said,” he told The Daily Dish.

“I felt like we had built a really cool rapport. I was laughing, they were laughing, we were going tit-for-tat. There was shade, there were jokes, and it was really fun,” he added.

“So, I came into the episode 4 runway after being in the bottom twice before that in a row, I came in there being like I’m friendly with the judges now. We’ve spoken, we’ve kikied, we’ve laughed. I can be my normal self,” Neasloney said.

Neasloney then went on to reveal that since the episode aired, he’s felt “misunderstood.”

“That’s what is bothersome about some of the coverage, both press and Twitter, is a lot of people are treating it as this non sequitur,” he told The Daily Dish. “It was non sequitur; it was entirely related to the aesthetic of the look.”

The remark drew gasps from everyone involved, including Kloss, her fellow judges and the other contestants.

“Oh no Tyler, don’t say that out loud,” said one contestant who was watching the critiques in a waiting room backstage, having already made it through to the next round.

“Holy shit,” remarked another who sat next to her.

“I was going to Paris, that was your challenge here,” Kloss shot back. “Keep it to the challenge.”

“I know, but I could see you wearing it at some point,” Neasloney replied as he attempted to defend the skirt and top that he had created from four pairs of jeans.

“You may not know, but I know, I know that this is not what I asked for,” Kloss told him. “The fabrics are poor choices, I think they look cheap, the pockets are kind of ill-placed and if this is your aesthetic then that’s that, but this was about my aesthetic and the influence of my stylist.”

“You really missed the mark here, on all accounts,” she added.