FINALLY: An Explanation For That Viral Vid Of Prince William ‘Ignoring’ Meghan Markle

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All eyes are on the royal fam right now as rumours of a rift between couples Prince William x Kate Middleton and Prince Harry x Meghan Markle have become a daily fixture in the news cycle.

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Every piece of footage showing either member of both couples is being analysed to the shithouse to detect any hints of hostility, such as a video that surfaced on Christmas Day.

In the vid, a few assorted members of the royal family can be seen arriving at Christmas morning church service at St Mary Magdalene.

The footage makes it seem as if Meghan is turning around to speak to William, to which he responds by fiddling with his scarf and not speaking. It was quick to go viral with many people accusing William of “ignoring” Meghan on social media, fuelling the ever-present feud rumour.

Suss it out for yourself below:

But according to body language expert Judi James, Prince William’s gesture could simply be his response to all the drama surrounding them as I’m sure he was aware that he was being watched and studied and therefore was adjusting ‘coz he felt uncomfortable.

“This sense of distancing could be caused by tensions but it could also primarily be prompted by William’s aversion to royal ‘soap operas,’” Judi told Express. “After the tragic dramas of his parent’s marriage William has always appeared keen to avoid any public emotional displays that might draw too much ongoing attention from the press and it could easily be this, rather than Meghan herself, that he’s keen to avoid.”

She adds that in her opinion, there’s no real proof that Meghan was even trying to get William’s attention and so it may not be a snub after all.

“On the surface it looked as though she turned around to smile at William while he kept himself busy tucking his scarf into his coat and her face did appear to have dropped as she turned back,” Judi says. “But she could have been smiling at Kate rather than William, meaning he might genuinely have been out of the conversational loop at that particular point.”

So in trying to act nonchalantly to avoid drama, he has instead inadvertently sparked more rumours. Damned if ya do, etc.