Sorry, But This Video Apparently Proves That Prince William Is The Royal Villain

Meghan Markle Prince William

Rumours of a royal feud have been running rife for at least a month now, with a Kensington Palace official even allegedly making a rare statement to press about it. But so far the apparent biff has been contained to just Kate Middleton vs. Meghan Markle, which is why this Prince William footage has royal watchers’ eyebrows firmly raised.

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Nine Honey shared a video originally posted by Instagram user @katemiddletonvideos which shows William apparently “ignoring” Meghan as the royal fam attended the traditional Christmas Day church service at Sandringham.

The video makes it seem as if Meghan is turning around to speak to William, to which he responds by fiddling with his scarf and not speaking. I’m not convinced, but check it out for yourself here:

Personally, I think he might just be fixing his scarf and do we even know for sure that Meghan was speaking to him? Unless we were hiding in the bushes (which I did kinda want to do but flights were super expensive) we don’t know for sure what the exact exchange was.

Twitter has some thoughts, of course, with many calling William out for being rude.

Others just think it’s been blown out of proportion:

I reckon it’s harmless, but then again I love all four of these fun young royals and want them all to be getting along. So in my mind, William is just feeling the icy December chill and dealing with a sub-par scarf while Meghan was talking to a very small person hiding behind him. Case closed!

Meghan Markle Prince William