Pride is BACK, baby! The time of the year when our LGBTQIA+ besties celebrate and corporations go heaps overboard trying to assure everyone that they’re on team rainbow. Sit back, relax and enjoy our list of all the most cursed corporate attempts at Pride inclusivity.

First up is perhaps the most viral Pride month advertising campaign of the year. Burger King Austria’s “Time to be proud” image is absolutely bonkers to say the least.

For anyone needing a little more explanation — the burgers in the pic feature two bun tops and two bun bottoms. Get it? Good. I refuse to explain any further.

Perhaps the worst offender of the lot (ethically speaking) comes from the US Marines.

The Marines’ Twitter account published this absolute monstrosity of a visual which features rainbow bullets. Oh my God who is approving this shit?

What’s poetic about this Tweet is that it was literally foreshadowed YEARS ago by a similarly formatted meme.

The meme in question compares the US Republican Party to the Democrats where the only difference is that the bombs being dropped by the Democrats are a little more colourful. Slay!

Next up we have Elon Musk. The billionaire always finds time to drop by to add his two cents, for better or worse (usually worse).

Elon has two different modes of operation which he engages for different purposes.

The first is anti-woke Elon who made an appearance on July 1.

Anti-woke Elon makes snowflakes melt and lefties cry with his cool dude persona and iron wit. Pride just ain’t a thang around these parts.

The second Elon is corporate, money-making Elon who knows he has lots of investors he needs to keep happy.

This Elon appeared on July 2, a literal day after he came out (pardon the pun) swinging against corporate Pride-posting.

Next up we have the Pride Avengers — American Petroleum Institute, Exxon Mobil, BP and Total Energies.

If the world is ever in enough danger to warrant these Avengers saving it, just let me fucking die.

Last but not least, the people’s champ — Vaseline.

Can someone please explain why Pride Vaso is more spenny than non-Pride Vaso? Feels homophobic.

There you have it folks. The ultimate corporate cringe compilation for this year.

We laughed, we cried, we yass-if-ied.

Thank you and happy Pride!

Image: Instagram @BurgerKingAustria