Prep Thine Dacks, An ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark’ Movie Is In The Works

90s kids, get the popcorn ready. The bygone spookiness is about to come roaring back. We’re in the Great Age of Nostalgia Mining as far as Hollywood is concerned, and while the supply big properties is starting to run a little thin, the hidden gems are slowly coming back to the surface. And one of the scariest of all the gems, the hugely revered Are You Afraid Of The Dark? is apparently next on the agenda.

The late night Nickelodeon gem that kickstarted many a-kids’ interest in horror is reportedly getting a big-screen adaptation, and one of the scribes who penned IT is running the show.

Variety reports that Gary Dauberman, one of the writers credited with the script for the wildly successful and hella scary It remake, is penning the script for a big-screen adaptation of the 90s cable TV classic.

They Came Together and Before I Fall producer Matt Kaplan is heading up the production.

The project is coming from the newly-minted offshoot of Paramount Pictures, Paramount Players, which focuses on “contemporary talent and properties for young audiences while drawing upon the vast resources of the Viacom brands.” Or, in simpler terms, this is the company that’s gonna mine your childhood for mountains of cash over the next few years.

The division is relatively new, however they already have a Dora the Explorer picture in the works in conjunction with Michael Bay‘s production company. Seriously.

The OG Are You Afraid of the Dark? ran between 1990 and 1996, with a revival series in 1999 that counted Elisha Cuthbert among its cast. The show featured a litany of guest stars that subsequently went on to be Big Deals™ like Ryan GoslingJay BaruchelMia KirschnerBobcat GoldthwaitNeve CampbellMelissa Joan HartHayden ChristensenEddie Kaye Thomas, and Emmanuelle Chriqui.

No word yet on what story will be featured in the full-length flick, but if the team behind It has anything to do with it, it’s probably gonna be scary as hell.

Might wanna flare up that campfire, Midnight Society kids.