Pokémon GO Is Doing All Kinds Of Shit To Help / Hinder Folks’ Relationships

It feels like nearly every person alive is playing Pokémon GO right now – possibly because they literally are (note: not literally, not even close), with GO managing to eclipse social media gigantor Twitter in active users after launching only last week.

It’s changed the social landscape, suddenly it’s not at all weird to be out at like 1 in the morning just wandering around the streets and people are saying ‘hi’ to each other because they both around hanging around the same body of water to get the same cartoon fish.
It’s also having an impact on people’s relationships, because duh, all of a sudden we’re spending like a zillion hours a day on it -either as a team (“relationship goals”) or just one of us is doing it (“my gf likes Pokémon more than me??”).
People are either stoked AF or not loving it:

Truly we live in a beautiful, incredible future where relationships hinge on a mobile phone game instead of something important like, I don’t know, whatever people did in the 50s for fun. Going to the library? Trying on suits? Who knows.