Pokémon YouTubers Are Facing Multiple Allegations Of Sexually Predatory Conduct

Multiple high-profile creators in the Pokémon YouTube community are facing accusations of sexual predation after 12 alleged victims made public statements.

At least four big influencers in the space – MudkipMama, Dekadurr, KingNappy, and Mizumi and Bise Productions – are facing accusations of inappropriate behaviour, resulting in most deleting their social media accounts and going silent.

The accusations began when a Twitch streamer known as AttackonSylveon posted a lengthy video on YouTube in late March, alleging that Nathan Putnam (Dekadurr / NintendoEncoder), who makes graphics for Pokémon YouTubers and has appeared at live events with them, had sent her messages on Snapchat in 2015 when she was just 15-years-old.

In the video, Sylveon alleges Putnam asked her for nude pictures. “He was Snapchatting me shirtless pictures of himself, which I thought was weird,” she says.

I was sending him just pictures of the blank room, I didn’t send him selfies or anything while I was nude, and he was like ‘so what are you wearing’ and I was like ‘oh nothing it’s 95 degrees out’ and he decided that now was the time to try and push me into the next area that he wanted me to be in.

He wanted to know what i was wearing and I told him nothing because it was 95 degrees out and its hot… but I didn’t send him pictures I didn’t send him anything of me yet, and he was like ‘listen because I’m sending you pictures of me you should send me pictures of you,’ and I was like ‘but I’m nude’ and he was like ‘well you can’t leave me blue balls here.

Sylveon told Kotaku she had initially not wanted to speak out because she didn’t think anyone would believe her. Unable to corroborate that Putnam knew Sylveon’s age at the time, three other women have since come forward with public statements.

“I feel it’s important for everyone to know the horrible things he’s done to not only myself, but many others,” one of the women, Caroline, told Kotaku.

Putnam isn’t alone in facing accusations. Shortly after big name YouTuber Kyle “TheKingNappy” McNeal called his actions “unforgivable”, people began to come forward with accusations against McNeal himself.

McNeal has a huge presence online and has even been promoted by Nintendo.

Also facing allegations is Mudkip Mama, who deleted her Twitter account after people began posting screenshots of conversations that appear to show her pressuring others into sexual relationships.

In response, Mudkip Mama has said she stopped flirting once she became aware the accuser was uncomfortable. Another woman, named Nikki, accused Mudkip Mama of being “overly sexual” towards her when she was 15-years-old.

Another creator, Mizumi, has said allegations made against him are “grayer than what everyone thinks and everyone here is a victim in one way or the other.” 

Over the weekend the hashtag #PokeMeToo has been trending as discussion increases around the multiple scandals facing a community whose audience is primarily made up of younger, more impressionable people.

You can read Kotaku’s full, exhaustive report here.