Our Lord And Saviour Phoebe Waller-Bridge Says She’s Writing A New Movie

In a big HELL YEAH, Phoebe Waller-Bridge says she’s writing a new feature film that she wants to direct. She might also, probably, end up starring in it too.

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The Killing Eve and Fleabag creator said the idea for this new ~ secret ~ project hit her the morning after she wrapped production on her acclaimed comedy series Fleabag. 

“I went to bed thinking, ‘I’m never going to have another idea again. Oh shit. ‘I woke up with the vision of this film,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Since it appears to be pretty early days on the project, Waller-Bridge didn’t share any particular details about the movie. But again, I’m just going to assume it’s good since everything Waller-Bridge touches turns to gold. ANYWAY, she said she wouldn’t shop the movie around until it was finished. And it’d have to have a theatrical release… so no Netflix or Amazon Prime Video etc.

“I blatantly will end up in it,” Waller-Bridge added, despite also saying she doesn’t want to be pushed into appearing on screen. Bless.

Killing Eve and Fleabag aside for a moment, Waller-Bridge also recently polished off the script for Bond 25. 

In Bond’s long history, Waller-Bridge is only the second woman to be credited on a script. Johanna Hardwood, who wrote on Dr. No (1962) and From Russia With Love (1963) was the first.

In May, Waller-Bridge defended Bond’s relevance in today’s social climate.

“There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not Bond is relevant now because of who he is and the way he treats women,” she told Deadline. “I think that’s bollocks. I think he’s absolutely relevant now. It has just got to grow. It has just got to evolve, and the important thing is that the film treats the women properly. He doesn’t have to. He needs to be true to his character.”

Bond 25 is slated for release April 2020.