Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli “Quits Rap” After Getting Scammed Out Of $15M

We’re around 18 hours on from the news that pharma douchebag and rare hip hop collector Martin Shkreli got burned big-time by a scammer pretending to be close to Kanye West, who brokered the fake sale of The Life Of Pablo for $15M in Bitcoin.

The story has more than a whiff of bullshit about it, but in the hours following yesterday’s frantic announcement – “I NEED MY MONEY BACK THIS ISN’T A FUCKING JOKE” – he has not backed down so much as an inch.
Shkreli could be winding us up with this, but at the same time, he may have actually transferred $15M of his own funds to a random guy named Daquan in a perfect storm of dickheadery, hubris and extreme wealth. WE JUST HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING.
Yesterday, prior to the launch of Kanye’s Pablo, Shkreli announced that he planned to spend his millions buying up the rights to every major hip hop release of the next few years, to keep them all for himself.

This morning, he did a rapid about-face, announcing that he is quitting rap entirely, telling Kanye fans he hopes they enjoy his “stupid music”, which has brought him “so much pain and suffering.”

He followed up this epic bedroom door slam by announcing to the world that the joke’s on all of us, because he doesn’t even care about his missing millions 
He then went on to say that he plans to meet with the founder of Bitcoin to help track them down, and the above two statements seem somewhat opposed, but sure:

At some point in his Twitter haze, Shkreli announced plans to launch a GoFundMe page, to which we have literally no words: 

Martin Shkreli might be taking the piss, or he might actually have been scammed out of $15M by a dude named Daquan, but either way, we can’t wait to see where this amazing, batshit Twitter meltdown takes him next.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Tom Williams / Getty.