Martin Shkreli Says Someone Posing As Kanye’s Boy Scammed Him Out Of $15M

Holy shit. The internet in 2016 is wild.

Fresh off his emotional destruction at the hands of one Ghostface Killah, the web’s festering pustule Martin Shkreli has – apparently – just been scammed out of a cool US $15 million. 
Oh, and he supposedly intended to use that dosh to buy Kanye West’s newie The Life Of Pablo, and he only realised he’d been finessed when ‘Ye dropped Ultra Light Beam on Saturday Night Live. 

We’ll let you follow how that realisation panned out, via Shkreli’s own Twitter meltdown:

While the planet’s bullshit alarms officially need recalibration due to how hoaxy this seems, the same could have been said when it was revealed the same bloke who smashed up the price of life-saving medications 5000% also became the sole-owner of Wu-Tang’s million-dollar album. 

If you want to watch a crooked pharmaceutical exec come to terms with losing a ludicrous amount of money – or, if a low-budget, live-action sitcom about Bitcoin fraud is your kinda deal – Shkreli is also chucking a live stream as he attempts to track down “Daquan.” 


This is literally unbelievable. Still, if true, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. 

Source: Twitter. 
Photo: Tom Williams / Getty.