Peggy Olson Is A Matt Corby Fan

Only one of the collective thousands who attended the back-to-back-to-back Matt Corby marathon in Melbourne this week has witnessed Don Draper crying, ergo, only one of those people is worth us writing a news post on based purely on their attendance at a Matt Corby show. And here it is!

Twitter user we are not totally jealous of @georgiafrancesk tweeted this photo of Emmy nominated actress Elisabeth Moss saying “Still can’t believe I met Elisabeth Moss at a gig in Melbourne last night. Peggy flippin’ Olson! “.

We like to imagine this photo isn’t with Elisabeth Moss the actress but Peggy Olson the television character who tripped down the elevator abyss which Don narrowly missed falling into a few weeks back, time traveled decades into the future and landed in Melbourne where, for safety reasons, she walked inside the building where the most people were gathered.

Moss is currently working on the Jane Campion BBC mini-series Top of the Lake, which is filming in New Zealand.