Peggy Olsen Will Debut Bad New Hair In Mad Men Season Six

Spectacularly art directed period pieces that glamourise day time boozing are in our top three favourite genres of television and no doubt you are as excited as about the pending sixth season of Mad Men as we are. So how will the impeccably-tailored Stirling-Cooper-Draper-Price cohort fare in the revolutionary pointy end of the 1960s? Well, so far we have discovered that Don and Megan go on a Hawaiian holiday involving loud swimsuits, and Peggy Olsen/Elisabeth Moss falls into a personal styling dead zone courtesy of a matronly new bubble ‘do, which has been revealed in these on-set photos via Vulture.

The new hairstyle and the hideous military-inspired skirt suit really is a shame since Peggy has enjoyed such a nice fashion evolution since the early days of her lime-green everything and lame feather-fringe ponytail. When are we going to see her in white go-go boots and a fun shift?  Or in orange?  Megan Draper has all the fun.  (With that said, Peggy DOES seem to be the first Mad Men character to have an iPhone, so…)