Cross off 25 March 2012 in your calendar: that day that will mark the official return of new Mad Men episodes! That means in a mere 77 days Season 5 will begin and our unanswered questions about Don Draper, Peggy and co can finally be resolved.

Here are a few of the open-ended plot lines that Season 4 left us with. PS SPOILER ALERT (if you haven’t finished Season 4).
– Where are we at with the new agency? Is Peggy dominating on the pantyhose front?
– Is Joanie going to keep Roger’s baby?
– Have Don and Megan gotten married yet? And can Megan’s teeth be any bigger and whiter? And is it emotionally acceptable to be jealous of a fictional character just because she’s engaged to a fictional character you think is ridiculously handsome??
– Is Duck going to shit on anything this season? – Literally speaking.
– Is Betty getting faded out of the entire series by moving the family to Rye?
– If Betty and Henry move to Rye what will become of Sally? Will she live with Don? And if so will Don stop being such a pants man?
– Speaking of pants men, how’s Lane going with the black Playboy Club waitress?
– How is Peggy feeling about Pete’s wife being pregnant?
– Where did the John Deere ride on mower end up? Who cleaned the foot out of it?

Literally counting down the days.

Via Ology