We all know the classic expression: “If someone calls you racist once, you call them an asshole. If someone calls you a racist twice, you punch them in the face. If about 10 million people call you a racist continuously over the course of over 20 years, you might want to consider that you are actually a racist.”

Pauline Hanson appears to live in a fantasy world where she’s completely baffled that people have somehow misconstrued the fact that the only common denominator in the ever-changing list of ethnic groups she’s convinced are going to destroy Australia is that they are white.

Occasionally, people join her in her fantasy bubble. Those people are generally… odd. Fellow senator Malcolm Roberts is a climate change denier who has some crazy theories about how the government uses grammar to control us. Senator Brian Burston is convinced we need to ditch the ABC and replace it with a “Patriotic Broadcasting Corporation”.

And Rod Culleton, well…. he’s having quite a time at the moment:

Weirdly, Dick Smith is now throwing his weight behind the party. The business mogul / amateur pilot, once beloved for his electronics kits for child nerds (I was one of these) and then somewhat beloved / somewhat ridiculed for his terribly packaged Australian-made alternatives to popular products, has decided that One Nation is the only party that represents his views on immigration.

He’s stressed that he doesn’t endorse her position on Muslim immigration, which seems incredibly weird considering that Pauline’s whole thing is that Muslims are destroying Australia and every other policy the party holds is just something they’ve written up to fill in the time between press conferences.

Like many other Australians, “nailing it” enthusiast and prominent Muslim Waleed Aly was a little bit confused by his decision, and interrogated him about it on ‘The Project‘ last night.

Ultimately, Dick said that he was fine with Muslims, saying that he knows a bunch of them and that “99 percent are typical Aussies, and I don’t think they should be blamed for the one percent“, which only leaves about 5000 Australians that he’s accusing of being terrorists. Nice.

Similar to how she feels about everything that isn’t white nationalism or fish and chips, Pauline Hanson wasn’t happy with Waleed’s line of questioning, although it appears she already wasn’t very happy with him:

“I don’t bother watching him. I think he’s very one-sided and biased in his opinion, he’s not interested in listening to any real debate in this.

“I think he’s rude. Do I really care what his opinion is? No.”

Hanson gave the press conference this morning to spruik her renewed push for a Muslim immigration ban:

“What I’m saying about banning Muslims is Muslims from very heavily dominated practising countries who have no regard for Christianity and our culture and our way of life. The pure fact is, if you look at these women that get around in their full burqas they are very staunch Muslims who have no, I don’t believe will ever assimilate into our society or respect our culture and Christianity.”

Seems pretty awkward that after all this time no one has bothered to tell her we’re actually not a Christian country and it’s heavily hypocritical to attempt to enforce her own religious ideology on a secular country, but hey, she doesn’t need me to tell her how to be racist.

She also took the time to praise Peter Dutton‘s claim that letting in Lebanese immigrants was a mistake, but also that the Lebanese community are actually very much supportive of me, saying ‘we lost our country, we don’t want it to happen here in Australia’.”

Oh yeah man, for sure. What a weird bloody unit.

Source: News.com.au.

Photo: Getty Images / Bradley Kanaris.