Ariana Grande’s Infamous Cosplayer Paige Neimann Has Been Called Out For Her ‘Creepy’ OnlyFans

Paige Neimann creates OnlyFans using Ariana Grande likeness

Infamous Ariana Grande look-alike Paige Neimann has come under fire for creating an OnlyFans while cosplaying as the pop star.

Neimann makes content impersonating Ariana Grande and her associated characters like Cat Valentine online. It’s important to note that while she does resemble the pop star, a *lot* of her doppelgänger status relies heavily on cosplay makeup and getting her eyebrows and hair done a specific way to look like Ariana.

Essentially, she wouldn’t look exactly like Ariana Grande if she wasn’t trying to be.

Neimann has now launched an OnlyFans account — but she’s still using Ariana Grande’s “look” in her promotional images. The resemblance is so striking that her OnlyFans profile pic could literally be Grande, and some fans think it’s fucking weird.

“Paige Niemann starting an OF cosplaying as Ariana Grande is one of the most disrespectful things I’ve ever seen,” one Twitter user said.

Others called it “weird” and “creepy”, and some decided the impersonator had gone “way too far”.

The OnlyFans account is in Neimann’s name so she’s technically not impersonating anyone or doing anything illegal, but it certainly opens up a conversation about where we draw the line with trying to mimic celebrities.

I mean, what’s the difference between deep-faking porn of a celebrity without their consent and someone accurately cosplaying them in OnlyFans content?

The whole thing is icky and weird because Neimann’s OnlyFans content inherently requires the sexualisation of Ariana without her consent. She built her whole brand on looking like the pop star, so whether she admits it or not, people will subscribe to her content to see Ariana Grande porn.

It’s essentially fantasy porn of Ariana Grande and I know if someone impersonated me for sex work I’d be pretty upset about it. Consent is key in matters like these.

For her part, Ariana Grande is yet to comment on the OnlyFans. However, she has said in the past that she wishes people would stop impersonating her and repurposing her work.

That’s never stopped Neimann though, who recently impersonated Ariana’s wedding pics despite fan backlash.

If Ariana Grande was uncomfortable about having her looks mimicked, I wonder what she’ll have to say when she finds out her likeness is being used to create sex content without her consent.