My Everything, the second studio album from Ariana Grande, came out in 2014, but three years after its release, some mysteries have yet to be solved.

Take her album cover, for example. It features Ariana in her trademark ponytail, curled up on a stool, eyes shut, caressing her own cheek like she’s missing someone deeply…. hold up. Curled up on a stool?

Indeed. Yet as ~internet person~ Jesse McLaren (producer, Vine star, now BuzzFeed video person) discovered, there is almost no way it was humanely possible for Ariana to do that.

Look at him, barely able to fit one leg on the stool, let alone two AND balanced his weight. People had a few suggestions as to where he went wrong…

…but nothing quite got this one across the line.

But maybe Jesse is just doesn’t posses the grace and poise of Ariana (because really, do any of us?). People began sending in their attempts to recreate the Ariana pose, and honestly, they weren’t half bad.

And if this random tweet from a stranger on the internet is anything to go by, it looks like Ariana *might* have actually pulled this one off. Here are some outtakes from the shoot.

Honestly, if she managed it, she might cross some ethereal border between human and fairy. The pop star herself has thus far refused to comment, perhaps taking the secrets of her magic to her grave. TBC.


Go on Mythbusters, Ariana. The people need this.

Image: Ariana Grande / Jesse McLaren