Original ‘Gilmore Girls’ Cast Confirmed For Four-Part Netflix Revival

When we first brought you news of Gilmore Girls’ impending revival, the world knew not if the original cast would be reassembled, nor how the show’s wondrous reappearance would take shape. Today, those sliiightly important factors have been accounted for, with Netflix’s announcement Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are definitely returning to Stars Hollow.

Scott Patterson and Kelly Bishop are reprising their roles as well. Also rubber-stamped: the show’s predicted four-piece miniseries format, keeping in line with Netflix’s penchant for doling out nostalgic goodness without overworking the material. The newies are being pumped out in association with Warner Bros., too.

The show’s mastermind Amy Sherman-Palladino is back with husband / writer Daniel Palladino to work out what’s been confirmed as Gilmore Girl’s “real” final season, and Graham herself seems duly stoked on the whole deal. 

Notably absent from this slab of mid-00’s nostalgia: Melissa McCarthy. Last year, McCarthy said “I’m not doing anything with it, but I keep hearing about it, I have not heard anything official about it.” 

Although filming has obviously kicked on, no date has been set for the reboot’s arrival, which means there’s still time to get her back on board. Right? Right?

Source: Variety / Netflix. 
Photo: Twitter.