Such was the mystique of the ‘last four words’ that ‘Gilmore Girls’ diehards built them up to impossible expectations before Netflix‘s four ep reboot even aired, meaning that *no matter what* some people were gonna be pissed – or so we thought.

In fact, the last thing Rory Gilmore said to mum Lorelei – maybe EVER – was so shocking, so cliffhanger-y, that it melted the Internet. Online forums exploded; there were petitions calling for showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino to begin immediate work on a follow-up series; the cast was inundated with tweets begging them to spill what the hell they thought was next for the Stars Hollows duo. 

But Alexis Bledel aka Rory paid a visit to The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallon – while valiantly trying to keep a poker face to protect people who may not have watched the series yet – he was just as blown away when the final line of her script read: “I’m pregnant.”

Asked if she knew Rory was with child before shooting the last scene, she said: “I did. Well, Amy told me, and I was very shocked. She told me when she was putting together this reunion.”

“So no idea, in season 5?,” squeezes Jimmy.

“No, I didn’t know. [In season 5], no way! She kept it to herself until the very end.”

Watch their ‘lil exchange here:


Bledel was more forthcoming about her disappointment when, at the end of season four, Rory broke up with Jess and slept with married dickwag Dean.

“I remember getting that script and thinking ‘this is so out of character!’ It’s not a good move, clearly,” she said. “I think that they had created this character who was so seemingly perfect that they had to throw something at her, but I think we overcorrected. Clearly, we overcorrected, right? It was like ‘WHOA, what happened here?'”

No shit.

Source and photo: The Tonight Show.