Channel Seven Is Broadcasting Live Surgery In 2019 Which Isn’t A Stitch-Up

On the one hand, this was probably inevitable. But on the other, we’re not even remotely ready for it. It’s happening though, one way or the other, it cannot be stopped: Channel Seven has announced a landmark TV event for 2019 in which they will broadcast legitimate, actual surgery live. On TV. In full. In all its gory glory.

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Operation: Live was just announced by network bosses earlier this morning, a landmark two-night event set to air in 2019 that will, for the first time on Australian TV, put audiences inside a legitimate operating room.

According to the press release, the show is aiming to “demystify exactly what unfolds during surgery and underline the brilliant work that takes place in our hospitals.

Over the course of the two nights, the show will broadcast both an open-heart surgical procedure, as well as a live child birth. Both will be filmed by multiple cameras inside the operating theatre, and will be broadcast to audiences in real time.

In a grim turn of events, the show also promises that “alongside the drama and intricate theatre process, audiences will share the nerve-wracking wait with the patient’s closest family as they sit outside the theatre while their loved one undergoes surgery.” Which seems ah… kinda cooked, TBH. But go off, we guess.

The show is based on a British event series broadcast by ITV, which reportedly drew a strong, positive (if not curious and mildly freaked out) response on social media.

Locally, the show is being anchored by cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Nikki Stamp, who is one of only 11 trained female cardiothoracic surgeons in Australia. She will head up a panel of experts who will explain the footage on-screen to audiences, as well as interact with the attending surgeons.

In a world where Autopsy: Life and Death and Embarrassing Bodies are both ratings-hits, this is pretty much as inevitable as the sun rising.

Do I want to watch it? Absolutely the fuck not. Will I watch it regardless? God damn it, probably.

No word on any potential air date was available at the time of writing.