Channel Nine Is Rebooting The Hugely Beloved ‘SeaChange’ In 2019

Some 19-odd years after it last went to air, the hugely beloved drama series SeaChange is set to cop a remarkable revival thanks to Channel Nine.

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Nine confirmed they will be rebooting the series in 2019, unveiling the programme amongst its slate of new shows at this afternoon’s massive Upfronts presentation in Sydney.

SeaChange initially aired on the ABC from May 1998 until December 2000, producing some 39 episodes in that time. However its impact on Australian audiences has been enduring, and rumours of a reboot began swirling back in June.

The feel-good series, which followed a city lawyer (played by Sigrid Thornton) who relocates her family to the coastal town of Pearl Bay on a whim after taking a job as a magistrate following the sudden collapse of her marriage.

Both Thornton and fellow show star John Howard have been confirmed to return to the updated version of the series, which is expected to air at some point in 2019.

According to Thornton, the reboot is focusing on old faces with new stories, mentioning “in 1999, Laura Gibson needed Pearl Bay, but in 2019, Pearl Bay needs Laura Gibson.

Thornton is set to reprise her role as Gibson, while Howard returns as the sneaky, shady Real Estate agent-cum-Mayor of Pearl Bay, Bob Jelly.

Nine’s Upfronts presentation also confirmed the return of a slate of favourites, including Married At First SightLove IslandThe VoiceAustralian Ninja Warrior, and The Block, which is set to feature a build site almost twice the size of this year’s Gatwick Hotel.