That “Live” Honey Badger Interview On ‘The Project’ Last Night Was Pre-Recorded

Thanks to the magic of television, it looks like that “liveHoney Badger interview on The Sunday Project was actually pre-recorded about an hour before the show went to air, as Daily Mail writes.

Apparently he couldn’t bear to face the jeers and jibes of a live studio audience in Sydney.

According to Daily Mail’s source, a crew member spoke to the audience before the pre-recorded interview rolled to explain Cummins’ decision: “He decided last minute he didn’t want to speak in front of an audience.

He went further, insinuating that the Bachelor is not in a good emotional place: “We’ve all been in places where we’re not doing well.

A producer is believed to have instructed the audience to pretend that they were watching the interview live: “What we do want is for you to act like it’s actually happening right now.

Tommy Little, one of the show’s hosts, also tried to get the audience on side, so says a separate Daily Mail report.

Honestly [Cummins] is a beautiful man! It’s the most depressed he’s been. It was heartbreaking to see!

He was genuinely so nervous… He wouldn’t have been able to do the interview live I don’t think. Otherwise he would have probably freaked out and said fuck on air!

Meanwhile, Badger was due to do some promo around the release of The Honey Badger Guide To Life, out now via Pan Macmillan. First he didn’t make two planned book signings over the weekend. And then on air this morning on Kyle & Jackie O, Jackie O read out a statement from his publicity team, explaining why he wouldn’t be doing appearing on the show for an interview, according to reports from 9Honey.

The scheduled interview with Nick Cummins for his recently released book, The Honey Badger Guide to Life, is unable to proceed. Nick has decided to delay the upcoming tour to promote his latest book as he would like to give the book the clear air it deserves. Appreciate your understanding.

Channel 7 entertainment reporter Peter Ford called into the show then, to speculate about the state of Cummins’ mental health, which is maybe not cool, bro.

It is a serious situation. My information is that he is in a very dark place – they are seriously worried about his mental health. That’s why the interview on The Project last night could not go live.

He might be more fragile than we think and this whole thing might have pushed him over the edge. What was interesting about the interview last night is he seems to be indicating the ‘dark place,’ the mental health issues, actually began during the filming of the show, which was five months ago. It’s not really related to the blowback from not making a choice.

In the Sunday Project segment, Cummins admitted to being in a “low” mental space on The Bachelor.

I’ve never been in a mental space as low as I have been on the show, especially toward the end of it,” Cummins said, comparing his experience on the series to a career-ending rugby injury. “All of this stuff doesn’t compare to what you actually have to go through in here [points to head] on something like that.

Let’s allow Honey Badger to speak for himself instead: