OMG: The Gal Playing Britney In The New Lifetime Movie Is From Sydney

Now, we know that Lifetime is a channel in the US, and not a physical entity. But if Lifetime *was* a human person, my god we’d be smooching ’em like mad right now. We’d be smoochin’ hard. 
This is mainly due to the fact that they’ve announced that they’re creating a biopic about the one, the only: Britney Spears
The two-hour film will track Britney’s catapult-like rise to stardom, from growing up in Louisiana, to the Mickey Mouse Club, to her glory years, to the Timberlake years, to the Federline years, to the breakdown head-shaving incident of 2007*, to her rise back to Glory – which is incidentally the name of her new album. 
Even more interesting, the actress who will play Brit is Natasha Bassett – an Aussie actress originally from Sydney. 
Bassett is known for her debut role in ‘Hail, Caesar‘ with George Clooney.
Photo: Steve Granitz / Getty. 
The announcement of the film comes just days before Britney’s 9th studio album ‘Glory’ drops, and she performs at the MTV Video Music Awards
Production of ‘Britney’ begins in September, and is due to delight our visual/aural senses in 2017.

Source: EW. 
Photo: KMazur / Getty.