Twitter’s Feeling For Those Poor Nude Models Who Had To Endure Connie & Jon’s ‘MAFS’ Fight

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Good evening fellow MAFS-watchers, your bravery and persistence is awe-inspiring.

For a TL;DR of tonight’s episode, ‘Intimacy Week’ is still a thing, which is ironic considering that 99.99999% of the couples are the antithesis of intimate. In fact, while one couple mates like rabbits, the rest of the couples loathe each other’s existences entirely. There were some exceptional moments that sparked joy in my heart, like Hayley accidentally dropping the L-bomb to David and then awkwardly trying to backtrack (relatable), Steve sucking jelly from his hand (boner-killing) and, most importantly, those two life models who had to stand there naked and awkward the whole time while Connie and Jonathan snapped at each other like piranhas. Like, seriously, imagine being naked and just standing there in a pose while two people in front of you had an argument. Iconic. I love them.

You can check out the full episode recap here. Let’s dive straight into some of the highlights from Twitter.

David was literally a deer in headlights as soon as Hayley accidentally dropped the L-bomb… And all she could do was say ‘fuck’… I’m cackling.

Meanwhile Tash and Amanda clearly want to skin each other alive

When I die, please play this video of Mishel patting trees on loop during the PowerPoint presentation at my funeral. Thank you so much.

I simply stan the life drawing models. That is all.

Kudos to Cathy and Josh for arguably being the strongest couple in this show at the moment.

Until next time, baddies. Au revoir.