Good Morning To Noah Centineo, Who Used His Time In Iso To Grow Fuck-Off Abs And A Seedy Mo

Good morning, happy Wednesday, Noah Centineo is ripped as fuck now. Just absolutely stacked. Completely and utterly built like a brick shithouse.

I genuinely wish there was more to tell you about this, but it’s one of those situations where a picture tells a thousand words – and in this case, it also tells the story of probably 10,000 ab crunches.

This week the To All The Boys star shared a progress update (?) on his Instagram, proving that all he’s been doing for the last few months of the pandemic shutdowns is clearly pumping iron. Lots of it. Because holy shit he’s gone from a gentle mid-morning snack to a whole 10-course degustation with paired wines.

It might be a little NSFW but is anyone even in public anymore? No.

So please, enjoy.

I just…he’s gone from the sweet boy next door to someone who could ruin my day and dent my car, and I’d say thanks.

His big stack on isn’t an effort to get shredded for Stereo, or just a product of sheer boredom in lockdowns, but very likely him hulking out for his upcoming roles in a couple of more action-driven films.

Noah’s pinned to star opposite Dwayne Johnson in a DC antihero movie called Black Adam, where he’s playing a guy called ‘Atom Smasher’ who can manipulate his size and strength. That tracks and God knows I’d want to put on a few kegs of muscles if I’m having to work alongside The Rock.

He’s also tapped to play He-Man in a revival of the Masters Of The Universe franchise, who is also a character that’s built like a tonne of bricks, so the bulk up checks out there too.

Both films are reportedly on hold due to coronavirus shutdowns among other reasons, so I guess all Noah can do now is keep pumping iron and beefing up for both those new roles.

Oh, and Noah Centineo has also cut in a filthy moustache in iso. Which has done me right in, thank you very much.

Absolutely not complaining, I’ll be honest.