This Fucked Video Of Nicole Richie’s Hair Going Up In Flames Will Make You Jump Into A Pool

Remember that show Australia’s Funniest Home Videos? Where folks would send in embarrassing family blunders and it’d wind up being the nation’s Saturday night entertainment? Well, an incident from a birthday bash thrown for Nicole Richie would make a fine addition to the show, if it were still around… and if she was Australian.

The Insta video shows the reality star blowing out the candles on her birthday cake for her 40th bday, before her hair catches alight and the flames go all the way up her fucken hair to her ears.

Because Nicole has always been one to take the piss out of herself, she shared the footage to her own Instagram and wrote: “So far 40 is *flame emoji*.”

Have at it below:

Her celebrity fronds have flooded the comments section with bewildered responses.

“My heart just dropped!!!!” Kelly Rowland wrote. “Jesus Christ lolooll” Vanessa Hudgens wrote.

“Oh my gawwwd,” Amy Schumer added. “Holy shit! Are you ok? Instant panic attack,” Alyssa Milano said.

Meanwhile her hubby Joel Madden had the same exact reaction as I did: “That’s hot.”

For those of you who don’t speak Paris Hilton, “that’s hot” is the phrase that Paris and Nicole used to say frequently back in the noughties while they were rising to fame.

The phrase was frequently dropped on their joint reality show, The Simple Life.

Although Paris and Nicole aren’t really buds anymore, Nicole is still part of the reality TV world, having recently made her own show, titled Nikki Fre$h.

Have a geeze at the trailer below. It’s an absolute riot of a show, and gives you an idea of what a kook Nicole Richie really is.

Hence why I don’t feel bad laughing about this fiery moment, because Nicole loves making us LOL.