Nicole Kidman Hung Up On Kyle & Jackie O During An Awkward Wig Discussion

Your mama Nicole Kidman had a bit of an awkward exchange with shock jock Jackie O this morning which led her to abruptly end her segment on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

[jwplayer sNd5cmTH]

During the interview, the ladies were discussing Kidman’s new thriller flick Destroyer where she plays an LAPD detective and was forced to undergo a major physical transformation in order to take on the role.

“I watched Destroyer; I loved it. You’re not afraid to, what’s the best way to describe it, get yourself ‘uglied up’ for a role,” said Jackie O. “You don’t care what you look like for a role.”

“Umm, I suppose it’s not,” she responded rather unenthusiastically. “I mean, I see it as necessary for the character to be authentic.”

Jackie O then pressed the actress on recent chatter she had heard regarding Kidman’s wigs which is where the convo took an even more awkward turn.

“I think a guy asked you about this at a press conference, it did make me wonder, what is your favourite wig, because for me, it is the Celeste wig. Such an amazing wig,” said Jackie O.

“Well, I’m using my own hair now, so I think that’s probably my favourite, is my own hair,” Kidman responded, evidently not buying into the wig discussion at all.

“There’s many times where I use my own hair as well because it’s so easy, and then other times I’m creating different characters. It’s like asking ‘Do you have a favourite child?’ Can’t answer that one,” she said.

As Jackie O giggled and went on to ask another question, Kidman cut the interview short by telling the radio star that she had to go.

“Anyway, I’ve gotta go, because they’re waiting at the other radio station, which I’d better not say on your show,” she said.

Having conducted many, many interviews in my time, I can tell you that celebrities are never the ones to end an interview. Usually their publicist would step in to say that that’s all the time they had but the actual talent? Never.

Plus it was obvious that the actress had been booked for a longer time slot as Jackie O continued to ask questions rather than wrapping up the segment like she usually would.

The radio show confirmed that the interview was indeed cut short by tweeting that Nicole had “hung up on Jackie”.

Curiously, there was previously a video recording of the conversation on KIIS’ Twitter page which has since been deleted but the video can still be found here, if you’re in the mood for some tasty tea.