Honey Badger’s Siblings Spill Tea Via Facebook On Their Bro’s Finale Decision

Last week’s The Bachelor finale left the country divided with some praising Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins’ controversial decision to choose neither gals and some slamming the rugby player, labelling him a ‘commitment-phobe’.

Now, the Cummins fam have put their two cents in via Facebook and, naturally, they’re siding with their boi.

During an FB discussion about the finale, a family friend wrote on Nick’s sister Bernadette‘s page “I think your brother made the right choice.”

Adding, “After all, he is honest enough to say that he couldn’t see himself with someone he didn’t truly love. Good on him.”

Bernadette responded with a point that Badge supporters have been echoing all week, “Why is honesty so hard for some people? I get the disappointment, but the bad mouthing, really?”

Nick’s bro Jacob also addressed the backlash via an image he posted on Monday that read, “Gossip dies when it hits a wise person’s ears”, tagging Nick in the post.

Badge’s siblings have been v. vocal throughout the season, namely the aforementioned two.

Old m8 Bernie previously predicted that her bro would end up alone at the end of the series.

“I see the young boyish side coming out with Sophie [Tieman], I see the mature man coming out with Brittany [Hockley],” she said on the series, via Daily Mail.

“And I don’t necessarily see that either one is the complete package for him – but that’s up to him to make the right decision for himself.”

Welp, she bloody well called it!