Sam Frost Has Weighed In On Honey Badger’s ‘Bachie’ Finale Double Dumping

Sam Frost, a woman uniquely capable of empathising with this year’s jilted Bachelor contestants, has some thoughts about Honey Badger‘s controversial move.

In case you forgot the brutal events of October 2014, the second Aussie Bachelor, Blake Garvey, fkn proposed to Frost in the finale, only to break up with her two weeks before the finale aired. Garvey then swiftly moved on with third place, Louise Pillidge. That cold and very public rejection went some way to securing Frost her place as our very first Bachelorette.

So yeah, Frost would have some idea of how Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman are feeling after flying to New Caledonia only to be told Cummins isn’t ready to ‘100% commit’.

I do feel for the girls,” Frost told today.

I don’t think people understand when you go on a show like The Bachelor that you quit your job because you don’t know how long you’re going to be there for. These beautiful girls would have quit their job, they put their lives on hold in the hopes of finding someone.

Still Frost would like you to know that she had a worse go of it, having to witness her one-time fiancé, y’know, immediately picking up with Pillidge, who he surprisingly stayed with for a year-and-a-half.

To Nick’s credit, he didn’t choose someone only to then run off with someone else,” Frost said.

I think what he did is way better than hopping down on one knee and proposing. Let’s not forget that by the way… What on earth was going through his (Blake’s) mind to go, ‘I’m not 100 per cent sure she’s the one but I’m going to propose to her?’

Frost instead gave Cummins credit for not stringing the girls along any further: “I will say I do think that it is quite brave of Nick to just say ‘I’m not feeling it’, knowing that there would have been a backlash.

Imagine if Nick chose someone at the end but he wasn’t feeling it and was just pretending because he felt pressured to. I think that ultimately the girl at the end, either Brittany or Sophie, they would have been more heartbroken in the long run. Having to go through a public breakup is quite awful, particularly when so many people are invested in your relationship.

So there you have it. Frost agrees with our editor Josie that Cummins shouldn’t have to settle for someone he’s just not that into. And all these years later she still clearly thinks Garvey’s a dick.