A Truly Worrisome Number Of People Want To Fuck The ‘Lost In Space’ Robot

It should be of no surprise to any of you: a show or series features a non-humanoid character, people watching at home find a way to be insanely turned on by it. But the latest example has produced a level of thirst so overwhelming that Netflix bosses have had no choice but to speak out.

The Lost in Space reboot currently sitting high up in your Netflix recommendations has sent people across the internet into filthy, depraved fits, all because the robot featured throughout the series has an ass you could bounce quarters off of.

The robot, people have found, is incredibly hot, and the desire to fuck said robot is reaching a fever pitch.

Such is the rampant, unrepentant thirst for this sentient metal mechanoid, and such is people’s filthy desire to hump its brains out and call it Daddy, that Netflix has now had no choice but to issue a response.

Yes, mates. People want to fuck a TV robot so badly that a major network has had to respond. It’s just how the world we live in now works.

Credit where its due, the robot’s ass is indeed pert and shapely. A mighty ass on the horrible robot.

Does that make it wrong to carnally lust after it? Hey, we’re not here to judge.

If you want to fantasise wildly about banging the alien’s ass, then you go for your life. You find that weird place in your brain and you go to town on it. Really give it what for.

It protects. It attacks. But most important, it’s a snack.

Horny, Will Robinson.