For Some Reason, Netflix Gave The ‘Fuller House’ Reboot A Second Season

Hoooo boy. 

Despite getting some of the worst reviews we’ve seen in an extremely long time, ‘Full House‘ reboot ‘Fuller House‘ has actually been renewed for a second season by Netflix.
Critics and viewers absolutely lost their minds over the rebooted series, which follows the original children as adults. And by ‘lost their minds’, we mean like, in a really, really, really bad way.
It was deemed “garish”, “unfunny”, “tinged with the sickly-sweet of rot”, and “deserving of a foreclosure notice” by a range of reviewers. Yeeeeesh.
Margaret Lyons from Vulture had this paragraph as the intro to her brutal, incredibly true review:

“The first four minutes of Fuller House are four of the most excruciating TV minutes ever broadcast; shrill, garish, unfunny, and further poisoned by the live audience’s baffling apparent appetite to hear the catchphrases of the show repeated now, in modernity.”

Netflix released the first season only a week ago, and announced the second season today. And many are confused by this, but hey – the show has been trending on social media ever since the release. People might be talking about how bad it is, but they’re talking about it nonetheless. 

So, all in all, there is no slowing down Netflix’s desire for reboots. It is the train that will can not, will not stop. Soon, reboots will be all we know. 
Source: Variety
Photo: People.