Netflix Built The Upside Down From ‘Stranger Things’ & It Looks 100% Etch

Some IRL recreations of TV show sets make sense. The cafe from Friends? Sure. The diner from Twin Peaks? Why not. But of all the iconic settings from TV we’d really rather not visit, even in a pretend sense, is the fucking etch af Upside Down from Stranger Things.


That place was scary as shit, so why you’d want to whack on a hazmat suit and dive on in to a recreation of it in the middle of the night is beyond me.

Some “lucky” Canadians got the opportunity to do just that over the weekend, as a part of a Netflix sponsored art installation during Nuit Blanche festival in Toronto, with the Upside Down recreated in what they called ‘Red Forest’.

Featuring the fkd up trees and spoogy goopy shit from the show, the installation also featured heaps of Eggo waffles lying around:

In a shout out to Winona Ryder’s character Joyce, there was also a shit tonne of fairy lights, as well as bikes in ode to our favourite nerd gangs main choice of transport:

Spewin’ we didn’t get to go, tbh.