PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Stan to celebrate the launch of the brand new Twin Peaks (streaming exclusively on Stan). Together, we’re transforming a Gelato Messina in Sydney + Melbourne into the show’s Double R Diner and giving away show-themed flavours for free all day. Keep reading to find out more.

Look, there’s only a few things that can cause you to scream hysterically (be it in public, or in the privacy of your own home) without a care in the world. Maybe when you come across a fish in the percolator, and maybe when you read what we’re about to tell you.

Two Gelato Messina stores in Sydney and Melbourne are no joke being transformed into the iconic Double R Diner from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

It seems that gelato you like is going to come back into style.

To mark the release of the new series premiering on Monday May 22nd, Newtown‘s Messina will open its doors to fans wanting a delicious slice of the action. Richmond‘s Messina will do the same on Thursday May 25th.

Both stores will be open from 12PM until 4PM on their respective days, then 5PM until 10PM (or until they run outta stock).

Given that this is a celebration of Twin Peaks we’re talking about, Messina has taken it to the nek-level and created three bespoke flavours themed around the show.

Head down to Newtown / Richmond for a FREE (YEP, FREE) scoop of some bespoke flavours – and no, none of them smell like those glorious Douglas Fir trees, soz.

Oh, if you’re one of the first 50 Log Lady lovin’ fans to arrive there, you’ll score yourself a special treat from the minds of Gelato Messina – we reckon it just might be as tasty as Norma’s, if you know what we mean.

FKN YES: A ‘Twin Peaks’ Double R Diner Pop-Up Is Coming To Syd & Melbs

You should probably just get on your bike and ride, but if you wanna check out the deets for the special events, get your eyes on the Melbourne event HERE and Sydney HERE.

Aight, if you’ve been reading all of this and SOMEHOW have no idea what the hell Twin Peaks is (perhaps you were enticed with the offer of free Messina which, hey, we can understand) then check out the trailers below – and fair warning, the owls are not what they seem. 

If you wanna tuck into more Twin Peaks than a Lucy Moran doughnut spread, then head on over to Stan & sign up HERE.

Photo: Supplied.