Holy Shit Friends, A Central Perk Pop-Up Café Is Coming To Australia

Could we *be* more excited? NOT. FUCKING. LIKELY.

We’ve just received news that New York’s most

famous coffee shop – Central Perk – is heading Down Under for the very first time.

You heard right: a real-life Central Perk pop-up café will open in Hyde Park, Sydney, for two weeks in October, to help celebrate the launch of all 236 episodes of Friends on streaming service Stan.

More than 50,000 Friends fiends from around the world visited the same pop-up in New York last year, and it pretty much looked like the best shit ever so we’re VERY EXCITED MUCH LOUD SQUEALING.
There’ll be opps to snap a #selfie on the famous velvet couch, grab a cup of coffee and

chinwag with your m8s, just like Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Ross only more… real.

Expect long-ass lines when the café opens, so assemble the crew NOW with the all the info you need:

Corner of College Street & Liverpool Street, Hyde Park, Sydney


October 5-18, 2015

Opening Hours:

Sunday-Wednesday: 9am-5pm

Thursday-Saturday: 9am-7pm

Now go celebrate Monica-style.