Netflix Has Zero Time For People Questioning Brie Larson’s Directing Skills

Brie Larson

Netflix has fully backed Captain Marvel star Brie Larson after a Twitter user suggested she was not qualified enough to direct a movie. The streaming giant recently released the trailer for Unicorn Store, directed by and starring Larson.

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The user, who has since deleted the tweet, replied to the trailer and told Larson to “take notes from Jonah Hill, who was mentored by Martin Scorsese, and took years before he made his directorial debut out of respect for the artistry of film and the position of director.”

He added, “This seems like she’s just riding Captain Marvel’s wave.” 

Funnily enough, Unicorn Store actually made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017 but will be officially released on Netflix next month.

In response, the streaming giant simply replied to the comment with a number of established directors Larson has worked with as well as her credits and achievements.

They pointed out that she has been in the industry since 1998 and has 58 acting credits, 53 award nominations, two writing credits, two short film directing credits, one composing credit, one producing credit, one Academy Award for best actress after her performance in The Room, and one feature directing credit.

A little while later, Larson retweeted the public support.

Twitter is a wild place.

In Unicorn Store, a woman and perpetual dreamer named Kit (Larson) receives an invitation from a mysterious salesman who promises to fulfil her childhood dreams. Larson’s Captain Marvel mate Samuel L. Jackson co-stars.

Unicorn Store hits Netflix, April 5.